Water saving system for residential, commercial and light industrial


Rainwater Harvesting


Capture rainwater and use it inside your home (bath, shower, laundry, toilets, kitchen) and/or outside (irrigation, pool, carwash) etc.

 Rainwater tanks


Use bath, shower, basin and laundry water to irrigate your garden especially in summer.

 Greywater gardening

Pool Backwash

Save and reuse pool backwash water instead of sending it to waste

pool side tank

Water Tanks


Water storage tanks.

Big or small or underground

Jojo tanks / Nel Tanks / Roto Tanks

We are the recommended installers and distributors of Jojo Tanks and Nel Tanks

Rainwater tanks

Water tanks

Water Saving 

Install water saving toilet flush mechanisms and low flow showerheads

Water saving toilet flush and low flow shower heads

Water saving technologies


Who are our clients?


Coca-Cola Canary

Epping- Cape Town


Rainwater from the canary factory roof is filtered  and purified for use in Bathrooms. (Toilet flushing, Showers, and hand washing)

 Water saving at coca-cola

Rocherpan Nature Reserve



Self sustainability at Rocherpan was a pressing concern during the refurbishment of the park as no municipal water supply feeds the reserve. In the past water was trucked in.

The reserve collects rainwater from all buildings for use by visitors and staff in the cabins


water saving technologies

cape-nature Rocherpan - rainwater harvesting




De Beers Marine

Paarden Eiland – Cape Town


Collecting of rainwater at the De Beers Marine facility supplies fresh water to staff areas. (kitchen & Bathrooms)

de beers marine water conservation

 Constantia Waldorf School

Constantia – Cape Town


Both the recycling centre and the Outdoor Classroom are fitted with rainwater harvesting systems to teach learners and parents the value of water conservation


Constantia_Waldorf school water saving



Tears Animal Rescue

Kommetjie – Cape Town

Rainwater from the centre’s roof is used to wash rescued animal and clean kennels and cages.

The wash water is then reused to irrigate lawns where pets socialise with one another outdoors.


Tears water saving

Intaka Island

Century City – Cape Town

Rain from the tourist centre roof is stored and used inside the building. Hand wash water is collected and used to flush toilets.

Both water conservation systems form part of the centres environmental sustainability education programmes.

Schools are encourages to visit the facility.

 intaka island water conservation

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