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How much is your water costing you?

When was the last time you really looked at you water rates bill? You you ever shake your head and try to reason why you are paying so much for your water bill? Do you really know what your water tarifs are?

Few people know that we are charged twice for the water we use. The first time we pay for water is when it flows through the water meter into our homes. The second is when it leaves our property in the wastewater or sewage pipe. This means that after we use up the 6000 litres of free water we do not pay R3.5 for water but rather 7.10.

Our sewage rate is calculated on 70% of the fresh water that comes into our homes.

The chart below depicts how much you’re actually paying for water according to your water meter reading.

To use the chart simply read your actual water meter reading in kilo litres from your municipal bill and the draw a line up to the top curve (green). Then slide across the chart to the left to reveal your actual cost of water.

How much are you paying for water

If you were able to reduce your water demand flowing through your water meter without reducing your actual water use (lifestyle) how much of a saving would this give you?

Say for instance you are using 35 kilo litres a month (about R530) and you only make a water saving of 50% (17.7 kilo litres) you now only pay about R190. That’s a saving of R340 every month.

With Water Rhapsody water conservation systems you can reduce your water bill by 90% with out changing your lifestyle.

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