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Greywater recycling systems & Rainwater harvesting systems

Water Rhapsody Conservation Systems are the leaders in Greywater garden irrigation and Rainwater Harvesting systems in South Africa. Established in 1994 with offices nation wide and over 3500 installations Water Rhapsody will be there to secure your water concerns.

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Water leak hotline

SMS leak location to 31373 with your name otherwise call 0860 10 30 54 to report a leak.


Typical Household Electricity use

The typical home consumes between 230kWh and 340kWh per person per month. In Cape Town one unit of electricity costs 64 cents a kWh.

For household water saving ideas and systems click on these links for more information, grey water reuse, rainwater harvesting.
Contact Alje van Hoorn for obligation free quotes on grey water reuse and rainwater harvesting systems.

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