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Coastal dam update 22 Feb

Below are the current dam levels as published by the CSIR for February 22ndth 2010.

Dam Name

River Feb 15 % full Feb 22 % full
Groendal Dam Swartkops River 43.2 42.2
Ernest Robertson Dam Groot Brak R 79.2 76.2
Garden Route Dam Swart River 26.4 25.8
Hartebeestkuil Dam Hartenbos River 50.4 49.6
Impofu Dam Krom River 52.9 52.4
Kromrivier Dam Krom River 19.0 17.7
Wolwedans Dam Groot Brak River 32.3 31.3
Korentepoort Dam Korinte River 28.5 28.5
Duiwelshok Dam Duiwenhoks River 24.2 23
Gamka Dam Gamka River 0.0 0.0
Gamkapoort Dam Gamka River 37.4
Kammanassie Dam Kammanassie River 12.0 11.9
Leeugamka dam Leeu River 2.5 1.2
Miertjieskraal Dam Brand River 0.1 0.1
Stompdrift Dam Olifants River 11.6 11.1
Kouga Dam Kouga River 38.7 37.5
Beervlei Dam Groot River 0 0
Loerie Dam Loerie Spruit 20.3 25
Haarlem Dam Groot River 25.8 23
Darlington Dam Sondags River 31.1
Bridle Drift Dam Buffalo River 35.5

For those of us living in the Buffalo City Municipal area I’ve added the stats for the Bridle Drift Dam.

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