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Aquarista is the leader in Greywater garden irrigation and Rainwater Harvesting systems in South Africa.

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Flushing toilets with grey water

Second Movement reuses greywater (used water from baths, showers, hand washing basins, and laundry) for re-use in toilet flushing. The greywater is treated and stored in a chamber; from there it is pumped directly to each individual toilet pan, as necessary.  As the treated greywater is pumped directly to the pan there is no need for a cistern. Instead of the usual flush handle there is a bell push mounted on the wall, when the bell push is pressed the toilet flushes until the bell push is released. The bell push is 12 volt, making it safe to use without the possibility of getting shocked.

Water Rhapsody Second Movement uses grey water to flush toilets. Save up to 45% of water in apartments buildings

For online product demonstration of our Second Movement system click here.

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