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SA's electricity crisis

With Eskom in crisis and the price of electricity set to rise dramatically over the next 2 year, it is becoming increasingly important for South Africans to change the way we use power. Not only will it be necessary for us to use electricity more sporadically but also to use more energy efficient  appliances.

With the typical household using between 230kWh to 340kWh  per person per month, currently costing 64 cents a kWh in Cape Town and this price set to double in the near future. Many of us will have to act soon if we still wish to have the luxuries that the use of electricity can brings us.  (eg. refrigerated / frozen food, TV, microwaves, home security, radio, clean clothes, lights at night.)

By using less electricity you will not only reduce you carbon footprint but you can also save money, particularly as our era of cheap electricity is coming to an end. Something else to consider is if we as South African use less electricity then there is a reduced likelihood of us experiencing power outages.

Ways to stop throwing your hard earned money into the coal burning power-generating electricity plants is to start making some changes to the way you consume power. Some of these will become “must does” of tomorrow if we are to still have money left over from our paychecks. These include:

1. Energy-efficient lighting: Though compact fluorescent lights bulbs (CFL) are still about 4 time as expensive as traditional incandescent lights where 90% of the power is lost to heat instead of light they .Not only do they consume 20% less electricity but also last 6 times longer. They pay for themselves within a couple of months.

2. Install a Solar water-heater: Use all the free energy available to you and convert the suns power into hot water. Solar water-heaters can save between 30% to 40% of your residential energy bill. Other energy efficient tactics would be to wrap you geyser in a thermal blanket and turn the thermostat to about 55 degrees C. Put your water heater on a timer so it only comes on at certain times when you will be using hot water.

For the Typical Household electricity use breakdown click here.

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