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Wind power for Cape Town

Green power will soon be surging through the Cape Town power grid as the city implements plans to sell green power certificates. This is a great step forward as the city prepares to source 10% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020.

This exert taken from iafrica.

The City of Cape Town today announced its imminent

Darling Wind farms

plans to sell Green Electricity Certificates, which will give Capetonians the opportunity to buy green electricity from the city. The energy will be generated from the Darling Wind Farm.

The Darling Wind Farm is a R70-million national pilot project. It comprises four wind turbines situated on a hill alongside the R27 West Coast Road near the turn off to Darling. The turbines began generating in May 2008.

Electricity consumers can claim to have consumed green electricity if the amount of units of the Green Electricity Certificates purchased by them is equivalent to or exceeds the amount of normal electricity consumed by the facility, premises or process for which the claim is made.

The certificates will be offered for sale once or twice a year, depending on how much green electricity has been generated and how much Green Certificate Stock has been accumulated. Within the next few weeks the city will be advertising the sale of an initial 10 GWh (10 000 000 kWh) of green electricity for which interested persons will be requested to submit an application.

Income from the sale of the Green Electricity Certificates is intended to cover the premium the city has to pay for purchasing the green electricity. The certificates will be sold initially at a price of 25c per unit (1 kWh) and it is not expected that the price will increase over the next few years. The purchase of Green Electricity Certificates is an additional purchase and an additional expense to the cost of the normal electricity bill.

“The sale of Green Electricity Certificates will give many companies the opportunity to demonstrate to the public, clients and potential clients that they are conducting their business in a sustainable manner. It will also give them the opportunity to cost effectively use renewable energy without having to invest in new infrastructure or technologies,” said Alderman Clive Justus, Mayoral Committee Member for Utility Services.

This is great news for all Capetonians.

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