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India’s Railways to start recycling water

India’s railways systems are to start implementing water recycling at their maintenace complex in Ghorpadi. With more than 15 trains being washed and maintained daily and 5000 litres of water being used an hour, this conservation project will have a positive impact on India’s water concerns.

This story from the Time of India

With an aim to conserve water, the Pune division of the Central Railways has decided to implement a water recycling project at its coach maintenance complex in Ghorpadi. The project will have a capacity to treat 5,000 litres of water per hour, railway officials said. It will be implemented at a cost of over Rs 36 lakh on turn-key basis. According to railway officials, the project will be commissioned by December.

The railways have stipulated the standards for recycled water. The recycled water will be tested in laboratories every month. The private firm which will undertake the project will have to operate it successfully for the first three months. The maintenance and operation period could be extended to one year, said the railway authorities.

The coach maintenance complex, which was augmented last year with three new pit lines and three stabling lines, has the facility for washing and maintaining trains with upto 26 coaches. More than 15 trains are cleaned and maintained on a day-to-day basis here. According to the railway authorities, the complex discharges about 5,000 litres of water per hour. Now, with his new project, this waste water will be recycled and reused.

While the railways will construct the waste water collection sump of one lakh litres capacity, the implementing agency will complete all the civil works, including underground oil and grease chamber with collection tank, aeration tank, secondary settling tank, intermediate storage tank, sludge drying beds, treated water storage tank, and a control room. The firm will also have to provide monitoring facilities as well as develop a lawn to keep the environment clean.

There are many industries that pay hefty monthly water charges because of the large quantities of water they consume. With the current economy, competitive rivalry between companies, and the rising threat of water scarcity across the globe, the forerunners in industry are opting to invest in water recycling system that assure them of maintaining their competitive advantage. Can you or your company not afford to be looking at solutions to cut month operating costs.

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