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Installing a grey water system

I am frequently asked questions about grey water irrigation systems from home builder and home owners. These are the answers to some of those frequently asked questions.

Q:  At what stage of the building development must the planning of this system be done preferably?

A: For a new home, the planning should be done when the plumbing reticulation is worked out. The plumber will need to bring all sources of grey water to a central point. This termination point should be on the exterior of the building. Once the majority of the build has been completed, with exception to paving, the grey water installation team will start their part of the work.

Q: Where can the grey water tank be places? (pump chamber)

A: The pump is typically sunk into the ground with only the lid showing. This allows easy access for maintenance.  A suitable location for the pump chamber could be any where on the property as long as the pump chamber is below the lowest grey water source. (photo)

Q: Can it be integrated with a “normal” irrigation system?

A: No. Your grey water irrigation system is installed with its own set of garden hoses and unique sprinklers.

Q: My house is build on a slope. Is the pump strong enough to pump water to the top of my garden?

A: The Water Rhapsody grey water irrigation pump can send water 9 metres high.

Q: What is the most frequent problem that Water Rhapsody owners have with the system?

A: It sound silly but I sometimes get calls form client that have had their system working for years tell me that the pump has stopped working. On investigation only to find that there is a kink in the garden hose and the irrigation system is still working 100%.

Q: How many Water Rhapsody systems have been installed?

A: Around the greater Cape Town Area more than 3000 units have been installed.

Q: What needs to be considered when looking for a grey water contractor?

A: Find out how long that they have been doing business and ask for references of people who have had their system installed for years.

If you have further question leave a comment and I will be sure to answer.

2 comments to Installing a grey water system

  • steve

    I see from the tweet 6th April 2010 that you have installed 3000 units cape wide. can you update on with how many greywater systems you think have been installed in the past year? and 5 years? Is this trend growing quickly? Are the public taking to the idea?

  • Hi Steve
    The number of installed units has gone up to over 3500. There is most definitely a growing trend. We would attribute the majority of this to an increased awareness of a water shortage in the country. So yes the public are taking to the idea. Other than going green reusing greywater can save up to 30% of the water one uses. The monetary saving end up being far greater as both the fresh water and sewage levies slide down the exponential price scale.

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