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Blanketing warehouse roofs with solar panels

The view over commercial areas might be in for a facelift. Many warehouse roofs could be the ideal place to generate solar energy. Imagine looking out over a city block of warehouses and seeing the roofs blanketed on solar panels. This is the future for some cities in California.

This article for USA Today.

FONTANA, Calif. — The view from a

Solar panels on warehouse roof

warehouse roof here is consistent. In every direction, there are blocks and blocks of warehouse roofs baking in the Southern California sun.

Rather than letting them sit bare, a California utility hopes to blanket roofs like these with solar panels to produce enough electricity to power 162,000 homes.

Southern California Edison has installed solar on two warehouse roofs and is working on another in the Los Angeles region. The utility expects to do 100 to 125 more, totaling about 1.5 square miles of roof space in the next five years.

The greater Cape Town area has many busy warehouses with unused roof space. With the current electricity concerns in the country wouldn’t it be great to utilise these roofs to secure a source of power.

Just as many of these building are ideal sources for generating electricity they have the same great potential rainwater harvesting. This water would other wise be piped to stormwater and then to waste.

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