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Solving Cape Town's water woes with desalination

This article from the IOL shows us the true state of Cape Towns Water woes. All Cape Town fresh water resources are already being used. These are estimated only to be enough til 2014. In a desperate move to augment Cape Towns dwindling water supply the city might start desalinating sea water. This might be very necessary in the years to come but is the cost of desalination viable to the city and her residences?

Isn’t relying on desalinating just treating the symptoms (too little water) instead of treating the cause (uneducated, ill disciplined water use)?

Capetonians could be drinking desalinated seawater in four years’ time when our growing demand for water will have exhausted current supplies.

And because desalination is expensive, the cost of Cape Town’s water will increase.

This emerged at a pre-budget briefing yesterday where Water and Environment Affairs Minister Buyelwa Sonjica said her department was “forging ahead with unconventional supplies” of water, which included desalination of sea water in coastal towns.

“My view is that desalination must be seen as one of the sources for water supply… We have a coastline of 3 000km. We don’t have enough water and we are facing climate change. So in future this is a technology South Africa will need,” Sonjica said.

The Berg River Dam, the newest of the province’s dams, will meet Cape Town’s growing water demand only until 2014.

Desalination might be able to solve the cities water problems but will you be able to afford to afford it? Will the city still be offering household 6000 litre free each month if making the water potable comes at a great financial cost?

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