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Consumers get paid to use Wind Power

The worlds leading wind power generation countries are looking at ways to shed electricity as wind farms produce too much power. As the amount of electricity generated from wind mills depend on the strength of the wind, the generated electricity fluctuates. This fluctuating is causing utility companies to pay consumers when generation is high.

Wind farms

Twice this year Germany’s 21,000 wind turbines pumped out so much power that utilities lowered customer bills for using the surplus electricity. Since the first rebate came with little fanfare at 5 a.m. one October day in 2008, payments have risen as high as 500.02 euros ($665) a megawatt-hour, about as much as a small factory or 1,000 homes uses in 60 minutes.

The wind-energy boom in Europe and parts of Texas has begun to reduce bills for consumers. Electricity-network managers have even ordered windmills offline at times to trim supplies.

After years of getting government incentives to install windmills, operators in Europe may have become their own worst enemy, reducing the total price paid for electricity in Germany. Germany has doubled capacity to generate power from wind since 2002 turbines producing about 7.5 percent of the nation’s electricity.

The solution may be expanding markets further. Tying European markets together, already done between the Netherlands, France and Belgium, lets temporary surpluses flow toward electricity-poor zones. Germany plans to join them on Sept. 7.

Source: Businessweek

The fluctuation in the electricity generated by renewable energy farms poses a potential challenge for utility companies and the energy farms themselves. Storing excess power for later use when wind or solar conditions are less desirable could balance electricity production. This could be done by pumping water to hydro-electric power stations during times of high electricity production for later power generation.

4 comments to Consumers get paid to use Wind Power

  • Dag , Ek het ‘n water verbruik van 42 Eenhede wat ek aanneem dus 42KL is met ‘n rekening van R226:00 per maand. Sal ek enige besparing voortbring met jou siteem en wat sal my maandelikse uitgawes dan wees.


  • U sal beslis besparing te weeg bring as u ons sisteem instaleer. In ‘n gemiddelde huishouding kan ons grys water sisteem 33% van die waterverbruik verminder en met ons “Multi-Flush” sisteem is daar n verdere 17% besparing moontlik.
    U munisipale rekening vir riool se tarif word bereken teen 70% van die water wat die huishouding verbruik. Met ‘n 50% vermindering in u water verbruik sal u riool onkoste ook aansienlik minder wees.

    Met n 50% water besparing sal u maandelikse water onkoste dus met meer as 50% daal en u riool rekening sal ook met meer as 50% verminder wees.

  • Joel Owen

    wind farms are great but they also take up a large land area'”:

  • Projector Lamp :

    our hometown already have wind farms and it is great to know that we have a reneawable electricity source”.,

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