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Water Tariffs for 2010

Water tariffs for 2010 will be increasing on average by 9 percent, keeping with inflation. This however does not mean our water bill will be of an equivalent value as they were in the the past as the charging increments have changed. The new charging structure can have a dramatic effect on your water bill.

New water tariffs for Cape Town, water rates

Cape Town Water Tariffs (2010)

The table on the left indicates the new water rates structure and the table on the right show the old water rates.

How to read the graph:

  • The Red line indicates the price you will be paying for sanitation (sewage). This is automatically calculated at 70% of your fresh water consumption.
  • The Blue line shows the price of water in Kilo litres (Kl). This you can read off your water meter.
  • The Green line indicates the cost that you are actually paying for every litre of water that comes into your home. This is the sum of both you fresh water and your sewage charge. You literally pay twice for the water you use – once as it enters your property and again when it leaves.

Simply draw a line up from your current water use and the bring that point across to the left. Doing this will show you what you will be paying for water.

Imagine if you were to recycle your greywater, using a Water Rhapsody garden irrigation system. You could be saving a third of your water consumption. Think how much you would be saving every month and your garden would be watered every day, exempt from water restrictions.

With Water Rhapsody conservation systems you have the potential to save 90% on your water consumption. A 90% reduction in your water usage could place you with in the first water tariff increment “FREE” (0 to 6kl). You can’t imagine not paying for water and still having a green garden, can you?

If you are able to suspend your disbeliefs and are intrigued by the thought of a 90% reduction, think how much water falls on your roof every time it rains. How quickly would your rainwater tank fill? Could it be possible that this tips the scape to a 90% saving?

Contact your Water Rhapsody dealer for your free water assessment. Summer 2010/2011 is on its way and it’s a great time to be prepared.

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