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Greening South Africa’s economy

The South African minister of Economic Development Ebrahim Patel is encouraging a cross-departmental approach to stimulate a greener economy. If South Africa is to benefit from a future where green technologies and sustainability are essential then the country needs to invest in educating and supporting green activism. These kinds of investment will also aid South Africa reaching the pledge it made at the 2010 Copenhagen summit.

Economic Development Minister Ebrahim Patel

Patel told the summit that the departments of public works, environmental affairs, energy, higher education and transport, among others, all had a role to play.

“However, South Africa must move with speed as elsewhere other countries are competing to take a slice of this green economy,” he said.

South Africa had to move beyond small scale green economy projects, the minister said.

He added that the subject of a green economy had been timely.

“This is because of the Copenhagen summit and South Africa’s pledge to reduce carbon emissions.”

He said the green economy concept had also come in time to inform government’s new growth path.

“It is challenges of job creation, poverty, and promoting sustainable development that has led government to embark on this new growth path.”

Source: Times Live

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