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Water tanks are cheaper than dams

In a 2008  study compiled by Ross Hervey, “Economic imperatives of environmental sustainability”, showed that it would have been cheaper for the city of Cape town to provide rainwater tanks to residence than to build the Berg River Dam.

water storage tank

Water tank

If the city provided rain water tanks to the more affluent residents, who consume by far the largest quantities of fresh water, the city would have spent tax payers money more wisely. This is as the Berg River Dam Project will only provide temporary relief for Cape Town’s water shortage.

Cape Town’s water storage resources are said to be sufficient till 2014. It will therefor become imperative that industry and household find ways to augment their personal water supply. This is easily done in the form of water storage tanks.

Any building with a roof structure has the capability to harvest rainwater. If the rain is allowed to flow into a gutter it can then be collected and stored in a water tank. Rainwater harvesting used the exact same principles found in nature to fill rivers and dams but allows the property owner to store and then use the supply of fresh water at will and with out cost.

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  • […] This would also help prevent floods from occurring in areas hit by heavy rains. According to a study published in 2008 it is cheaper to have a rainwater tank than to build dams. Tweet This Post February 8th, 2011 | […]

  • I find this idea very appropriate for the Limpopo area since it is a very dry area. The rain season in Limpopo is very short. However, when it rains there is a lot of water that just runs off the streets damaging road infrastructure and causing further destruction. One wonders if the water tanks could be a sustainable solution for this area. I have a few questions that I would like to get a response on.

    1. How much does a 5000L water tank cost?
    2. Do we have local production and suppliers in the Limpopo and Mpumalanga regions?
    3. How can one get hold of roof gutters and filters for roof catchment?
    4. Are there any unconventional roof gutters that can be used on thatched roofs?

  • The best people to talk to about whole sale prices of water tanks are the tank manufactures themselves. However our agents in your area will be able to supply and install all equipment needed to harvest rain water. Feel free to contact Alistair Haig. Or visit his website for further information.

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