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Hunting mammoths caused global cooling

It is hard to imagine that an activity like hunting can impact the worlds climate. After I become aware of the sheer volume of methane that is produced by cattle farming, I can now understand that there might be a correlation between the hunting mammoth and climate change.

I’m still skeptical the about plausibility of any “hunting mammoths caused global cooling” theory but it does exercise my brain to think out side the box

This report from DNA

While extensive hunting in North America drove mammoths and other large mammals to extinction, it could have also disturbed the methane balance of the atmosphere, sparking off the global cool spell that followed.

The large grazing animals would have been producing plentiful methane, a greenhouse gas, from their digestive systems before they became extinct nearly 13,000 years ago.

According to Felisa Smith, of the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, these animals would have emitted 9.6 megatonnes of methane annually, reports New Scientist.

Ice core records reveal atmospheric methane levels dipped from about 700 parts per billion to just 500 ppb at the time of their extinction.

Smith believes the absence of methane emissions from the extinct species is a possible cause.

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