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London opts for a desalination plant

There is an increasing number of countries that are being forced to build salt water desalination plants in the wake of water scarcity. Commercial desalination plants are highly energy intensive and produce essential fresh drinking water at the cost of a large carbon footprint.

Desalination is not sustainable, it encourages a wasteful attitude in the eye of the general population that automatically assume that this scare commodity (fresh water) is abundant. It does not address the course of a looming worldwide water scarcity (wasteful water spending habits) as it is only a bandaid over a worsening issue.

To address the issues of a world wide water scarcity communities need to start reusing and recycling water much like we already recycle paper, metals, glass and plastic and much more. Without access to fresh water we are doomed as a civilization. If you are reading this then water scarcities are bound to face your generation, friends and family, if it hasn’t done so already.

Affordable technologies are available to recycle your water and give you multiple uses for every drop.

This extract form BBC

Desalination plant on the River Thames

Desalination plant on the River Thames

The Duke of Edinburgh has opened what is thought to be the first water desalination plant on the UK mainland.

The facility in Beckton, east London, is part of Thames Water’s plan to tackle water shortages in the capital.

It said the £270m centre would deliver up to 140 million litres of water to 400,000 homes in a drought.

The plant will be run by using renewable biofuels such as cooking oil and waste fat in an effort to reduce its impact on the environment.

Drinking water will be produced by treating a mixture of sea and river water from the River Thames.

Thames Water said it built the facility to avoid a repeat of water shortages which hit the South East in 2005 and 2006.

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