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SA companies climate change strategies

It is not surprising that top South African companies are planning initiative in the wake of climate change. For these companies to stay on top they require constant innovation. This includes initiative to combat climate change.

To stay at the top companies are always looking for ways to cut costs and deliver client expectations. As energy and water cost are due to increase dramatically over the next few years, top companies will be of the pioneers to initiate greener technologies that will lead to cost savings in the combat against climate change.

This extract from Time Live

The majority of South African companies plan to increase their spending on climate change initiatives in the next two years, a survey by Ernst & Young finds.

The survey titled “Action amid uncertainty: the SA business response to climate change” found that 80 percent of the ten large companies surveyed planned to increase spending on climate change initiatives between 2010 and 2012.

All the companies selected energy costs as the motivating factor driving climate change activities, while 90 percent said future investment would be in energy efficient initiatives.

“This is not surprising given the current energy security and increased energy prices that the country is experiencing,” said Jayne Mammatt, climate change and sustainability services associate director at Ernst & Young.

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