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5 ways to use rainwater from your water tank

Many urban communities have become concerned about sustainability as the threat of water shortages becomes apparent. This has prompted many home owners to invest in water tanks as a sustainability measure. If a real difference is to be made in water conservation to prevent water outages, whole communities should invest in a rainwater tank. For now, homes that already have their own water tanks are assured of an emergency water supply even in the face of water scarcity. Water tanks are available in various sizes, colours, and shapes to suit your homes need. If you select the best water tank, you can preserve the precious resource as well as minimize the water bill.

Water tank used for irrigation

Drinking water.

Dependent on the area your home is in, rainwater can be purer than municipal water and it does not have the chlorine taste or smell to it. The purity of rainwater can be affected by industry and traffic emissions as these can settle on the roof, however these pollutants can be eliminated with a water filtering system.

Showering in rainwater.

Many of our clients already enjoy the luxury of showering and washing their hair with rain water. As harvested rain water can contain essential minerals for soft and strong hair the benefits of showering in rainwater far out way the dehydrating effects that municipal water can have. Showering in rainwater by no means implies that you will be standing under a cold shower at all as this water can easily be pumped to your hot water cylinder or solar heater to be enjoyed in a relaxing hot shower or bath.

Watering the garden.

Gardens demands around 25 to 50% of the total household’s water. A water tank should be large enough to preserve and capture all the rain that should fall on the roof over the summer months when the rainfall is low.

In our experience for a typical home a 5000 liter of tank is recommended at minimum, however we will be happy to supply you with which ever tank would suit your needs. If you have less space, you can install two small-sized tanks instead.

Toilet Flushing

Generally, a toilet uses around 9 to 16 liters with every flush. Therefore, you can install a tank for your toilet system that will help in saving water. According to statistics, an average individual uses approximately 30 liters of water everyday in the toilet. This amount quickly adds up.

Save Water in the Laundry

You can connect your washing machine to your rainwater tank. This helps in saving a large amount of water. It is not unheard of for certain washing machines to use as much as 250 litres of water per wash. Using harvested rainwater can help you to save water efficiently.

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  • Great post! T

    The average American uses 80-100 gallons of water a day… so just think of how much water 1 household would be saving in a year by using a rain tank!

    Also- water purification systems will make rainwater safe for human consumption.
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