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Will Cape Town follow in the footsteps of Australia: water conservation

If you thought South Africa’s water situation was bad then consider what is happening in Australia. Out of necessity Australia is leading the world when it comes to issues water conservation and sustainability. The continent has experienced 10 years of drought and has had to find innovative ways to supply an ever expanding population with potable water as it’s water reserves have dwindled.

Cape Town: Water scarcity

As the continent has faced severe water scarcity for many year one of the first actions taken by the population was to reduce their water consumption. To many Australians this meant fitting water saving shower heads and tap aerators, installing home water recycling and reuse systems, and harvesting rainwater from their roofs.

Select home owners that foresaw the possible severity of the water scarcity many years ago were wise enough to install water conservation systems and are now able to save as much as 90% of what could have been their water bill. Their insight into the water crisis has now saved them thousands of litres of water and hence years of increasing water bills. Many Australians are paying close to 4 times as much for one litre of tap water compared to us is Cape Town.

Cape Town’s water is under threat. As early as 2012 the City might not be able to supply enough water to it’s residents. By 2014 the Department of Water affairs has admitted it will not be able to supply enough water. We will need to follow in the footsteps of Australia if we wish to avoid water outages and with to continue enjoying the luxury of flushing toilets, daily showers and our mug of hot coffee in the morning.

The Water Rhapsody has been around for over 16 years putting many home owners at ease as they celebrate their self reliance. Before Cape Town enters it’s historical drought cycle and is struck with water restrictions and outages, I don’t suppose you would like to take advantage of this great opportunity to prepare yourself and act because you know what is to come. Contact your dealer to secure your water supply.

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