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Troops sent to prevent water riots

In an earlier blog I discussed what would happen if Cape Town’s water supply dried out. From the following article you will read that troops have been called in to prevent unrest in the Philippines due to a dire water shortage.This will not be the first time the military has been used to pacify thirsty crowds.

Our inherent attitude about water is our biggest enemy. When water restrictions are implemented we tend to complain about the increase in cost but luckily for us we still have the luxury of fresh water from our taps. We might decide to shower a little shorter and have peace with our gardens becoming a little neglected. After many summer seasons we become conditioned to believe the winter rains will save us. But what are the structural flaws in this belief?

What has lead this belief to become ingrained in us has been the Western Cape’s ability to dam more water sources and augment our fresh water supply. Up until now our water supply has equaled our water demand. Unfortunately, since the Berg River Scheme was completed, Cape Town has run out of new available resources. Let us not forget that the City’s population is still increasing as more and more people choose to settle in the Fairest Cape.

Can you afford to take the risk and run out of water? Can you imagine staring at a water faucet waiting in desperation for only a little liquid to spurt out while you dream of that first sip?

Speak to your Water Rhapsody dealer about water tanks, rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling. There is no need to fear the coming water outages, you can have your private reserve to manage as you please.

Troops sent to prevent water riots

The Philippine government is sending troops into Manila to prevent unrest as authorities distribute water to some of the million-plus people affected by an ongoing shortage.

Many in Manila have been left with limited supplies or no water at all this week after water levels at the Angat Dam, the main source for the capital, fell to a critically low point following a prolonged drought.

Although the situation was improving with the onset of the rainy season, Public Works Secretary Rogelio Singson told reporters on Friday that the government had mobilised trucks and tankers to provide water to the worst hit areas.

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