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Laundry detergents are killing the eco-system

Many South Africans are not aware that our popular laundry detergents are polluting the environment. This is not because we are reckless or intentionally waste the laundry soap. Rather this is because the popular washing powder manufactures continue to add useless chemicals, that we the consumer pay for, that do not aid a clean wash. What it comes down to is we are paying for an unnecessary water softener that is polluting our water ways. Imagine how many more load of laundry you would be able to wash if you were buying 100% washing power and not some diluted soapy powder.

Phosphates in Laundry detergents have already been band in various countries because of their devastating effects on the environment. However the Department of Water Affair support the use of phosphate free detergents little has been done to band phosphates in washing powders.

Next time you buy your tub of washing powder why not buy a phosphate free band. If it doesn’t say phosphate free you won’t be buying 100% washing powder but a box full of other useless chemicals.

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