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Methane powers up MTN

MTN unveiled its multi-million rand tri-generation plant to power its entire headquarters in Fairlands, Johannesburg, yesterday.

MTN sustainability

MTN "green" initiative

The plant, the first of its kind in Africa, was built on the premises and cost R22million.

It is a two-megawatt-power generation plant that uses methane to produce electricity.

The unveiling was attended by Deputy Minister of Communications Dina Pule.

Karel Pienaar, MD of MTN South Africa, said there was great pressure on companies to do more with less in a responsible and sustainable way.

Methane gas is piped 900km from Mozambique to Sasol in Secunda and then channelled from Sasol to Egoli Gas.

A grid at MTN headquarters is connected to Egoli Gas to transport the gas down a pipeline to the tri-generation plant.

Construction of the plant began in October 2008.

“This plant will also assist in reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with the electricity consumption at our headquarters,” Pienaar said.

When the plant is fully operational it will produce two megawatts of power. MTN expects a return on investment within five years.

As a spin-off the plant will produce about 800 kilowatts of cooling for free used for the air conditioning process.

Source: Soweten

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