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What to consider when rainwater harvesting

Over the last few months there has been a influx of new businesses selling rainwater harvesting systems. This is no surprise to me as we have been warned of the drought cycle underway. Cape Town will be forced to once again enforce water restrictions as a means to control demand. With the population growth that the City has experience throughout the previous years, the change exists that there will be water outages, not just water restriction.

Many of the new start-ups are still smoothening out the glitches and gaining practical experience with every job they start. These new start-ups might be winning the price war. You might have yourself a nice looking water tank in your garden but ask yourself:

If you have not got the following as standard items in your installations,

a)    An emergency supply of municipal water in the water tanks so that the user is guaranteed of water 24/7/365.

b)   Relief from the need for a hot water cylinder dripper.

c)    A balanced water system preventing one from receiving scalding water at one moment, and cold water the next in the shower.

d)   A means of re-inflating the pressure vessels.

e)    A very neat way of reverting to municipal water by easy to operate user friendly instructions.

f)     An override box consisting of all the operating valves to make an elaborate system simple.

g)    All the safety gear of very high quality to make sure that your precious water is not lost to a municipal shut off or municipal leak.

h)   Everything that the municipality might require and more to comply with any regulations.

i)      Back up of technical know-how.  On matter stretching form plumbing, irrigation ecology, water conservation and sustainability.

have you got the system that South Africans have been endorsing for over 16 years? You can still choose Water Rhapsody?

Cape Water Solutions is a proud partner of Water Rhapsody and a premier supplier of Nell and Jojo Tanks. Contact you dealer for you emergency water supply.

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