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Acid mine drainage plan

Finally some kind of action will be taken to resolve a pert of the issues of the rising acid water in Johannesburg mines. The solution to pump the water out feels much like covering the problem up with a plaster but at least some kind of action is being taken.

I am very uncertain as to what is meant by a “partial treatment” of the acid mine water as I fear pumping the water into the Klip River, a tributary of the Vaal River, could cause a ecological disaster down stream. Will this partially treated acid mine water now flow into our dams and then into our homes?

Water Crisis!!

SA's biggest environmental disaster

Although she couldn’t provide details, Water Affairs Minister Buyelwa Sonjica said the plans included the building of a pump station next year to drain the water emanating from mines under the city.

In March, The Times reported warnings by scientists and geologists that should the levels of acid mine drainage be left unchecked, it would rise to the surface in two years and corrode the foundations of buildings and other infrastructure, damaging their structural integrity.

Water Affairs regional director Marius Keet said one of the options available to the department would be to locate the pump station at the East Rand Proprietary Mines in Boksburg, east of the city.

“Our estimate is that the pump will cost about R185-million. Water will be partially treated and discharged into the Klip River, which is a tributary of the Vaal River. It will take about one year to design and build the pump,” he said.

Source: Times Live

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