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Looming water crisis report (NEDLAC)

Trade unions are often seen as only protecting a certain cross section of our countries population. However their recent attempts to draw public attention to the looming water crisis in South Africa indicates they are standing for something much greater than the careers of their supporters. The union’s interests in saving water today for what will happen in 3 years time if little is done about it, shows the severity of the threat that awaits us if we idly stand by.

With 24 hours to go until the National Economic Development and Labour Council (Nedlac) receives a damning report about the state of the country’s water resources, trade unionists on Sunday warned that its findings must be taken seriously.

The document contains research by leading scientists and activists into the effect of acid mine water drainage and widespread pollution.

Its findings suggest parts of Gauteng may be flooded by acidic mine water in about three years time and that South Africa will run out of drinking water in 15 years.

It is being presented by trade union Uasa and its parent federation Fedusa. The union said it wants to work with government to avert the crisis.

Source: Eyewitnessnews

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