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The dripping water bomb

Education is vital to prevent a catastrophic water crisis in South Africa. However it is up the individuals to take action with the knowledge they learn. South Africa is on the brim of a disastrous water crisis. A crisis that spread across the entire country and it is not limited the the droughts of the Cape or the acid mine water of our mining region.

water scarcityIf local authorities were able to take sufficient action that would be desirable, however at some point there is a shift to where communities need to help themselves. This include individuals taking action and securing their future. A strike or protest can not achieve much if the local authorities are unable meet the communities level of need.

Trade unions need to be involves but teeming together and protesting against a lack of service delivery does not accomplish much when member of the unions may be the ones that are sabotaging their own community’s development. There is not only one issue that needs to be address but several.

South Africans are aware of the threats that face our water security. We now need to become informed of how you and I can insure our future, a future that includes fresh water for all. How would you be able to empower yourself today?

The following extract from IOL

Trade unions are turning up pressure on the government to tackle the country’s dirty water “time bomb” as a matter of urgency – or face the prospect of national protest action.

The Federation of Unions of SA (Fedusa), the second-largest trade union group in the country, warned yesterday that the government was neglecting the management of clean water, including scores of overflowing sewage treatment works that should be placed in “intensive care”.

Fedusa said it would prefer to see the problems resolved in the interests of the public rather than embarking on protest action, but it had nevertheless served a warning notice on the government last month in terms of section 77 of the Labour Relations Act.

This allows worker groups to embark on protected strike/protest action to promote or defend socio-economic interests if grievances cannot be resolved by the National Economic Development and Labour Council (Nedlac).

In a memorandum to the government, Fedusa said it was no longer a secret that South Africa’s water security was under threat.

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