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Saving water with greywater garden irrigation

It is not well known that the typical household used roughly 33% of it’s monthly water supply for washing and that this greywater (wash water) may be recommended to be used to irrigate your lawn. Another lesser know statistic is that 35% of the typical household’s water consumption is used to irrigate gardens.

typical household water consumption

How water is used in the home

It is however well known that taking a bath or shower can help lower stress levels as we allow ourselves to relax and enjoy the massaging effect of the water. For some of us the thought of showering longer or filling the tub up higher might seem like an over indulgence.

With a greywater garden irrigation system you could actually save on your water bill when you indulge in these luxuries. It is not unusual for families use 33% less water, if not more, with a greywater irrigation system. What’s more is that this equates to a far larger saving on your water bill.

If your want your garden to stay green this summer, exempt of water restrictions, without you needing to spend a fortune on excessive water bills. Then you may want to consider a water conservation system that your plants will love.

“With greywater garden irrigation systems
you can showering longer and
pay less on your water bill”

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