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Western Cape Rainfall plummets

It has now become essential for all water users in the Western Cape and Greater Cape Town area to conserve water. This years rainfall is proving to be much lower than usual and experts are expecting dramatic water tariff increases as a means of demand management.

The following graph is taken from the Department of Water Affairs and it clearly indicated that the Western Cape region could be threatened with severe water scarcity similar to that of the Southern Cape.

Western cape drought

Western Cape running out of water

The red line on the bottom indicates the Western Cape’s water woes. (Below Normal) September is the third consecutive month of less than have the normal rain.

What to expect this summer? (Rainwater Harvesting)

1. Early and harsh water restriction.

2. Water tariff increases up to 60%

3. Increased chances of veld fires.

4. Dry river beds.

5. Unreliable well points.

6. Dusty and dry lawns and garden.

Water conservation tips. Greywater garden irrigation systems

1. Buy sunscreen.

2. Install water efficient shower heads.

3. Reuse and recycle greywater if you aren’t prepared to give up on your lawn and garden.

4. Collect rainwater when it rains.

5. Install a Multi-flush to save on toilet flushing.

6. Reuse your pool backwash water.

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