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New Urbanism tackles sustainable education

Century City is famous for Canal Walk Shopping Centre, Ratanga Junction, its numerous award-winning residential developments and its exclusive Chrystal Towers hotel.

However only in recent years has Century City gained popularity for its environmental initiatives. At the heart of this modern city hub lies the majestic Intaka Island, a 16ha wetland reserve and bird sanctuary, sprawling with a cacophony of rare and popular birds, and exquisite flora.

Intaka Island Century City

Sustainable educational centre

The developers of Century City have embraced an opportunity to showcase their privileged eco-responsibility and have designed and developed a green educational visitor’s centre at the entrance of Intaka Island.

The visitors centre already attracts large groups of bird and wildlife fanatics as well as school groups. As part of the eco experience these groups will be exposed to a variety of sustainable initiatives. These initiatives include solar and wind power generation as well as water conservation systems.

Intaka Island Century City visitors centre

Intaka Island visitors centre

The centre attempts to spread awareness of increased water scarcity, amongst other issues, by demonstrating the ease and simplicity by which renewable resource can be harnessed and to help eliminate excessive squandering.

The centre boasts a rainwater harvesting system that feeds the inside of the building. The indoor use of rainwater allows for maximum benefit of the renewable resource. Water storage levels are drawn down due to use but allowed to fill on the onset of rain.
Over the winter months when rain is plentiful excess water will run to storm water once the tank capacity has been reached. In the event of a dry, rain scarce summer municipal water will be allowed to supplement the system if the water storage tanks should reach a predetermined low level.

Water Rhapsody at Intaka Island

Rain harvesting and greywater recycling system

There are five toilets within the building. These toilets receive their water supply from the hand basins within the restrooms. Should the water produced from hand washing be insufficient to flush all toilets, stored rainwater will flow into the toilet-flush-water collection chambers.

Intaka Island’s visitors centre showcases how “New Urbanism” meets sustainable educational design. It illustrates the 21st century’s growing trend in the demand for eco-responsibility and sustainable development. What is inherent within 21st century urban design principles is that environmental invasiveness is no longer tolerated.

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