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Distribution of the worlds water resources

Given the following data from a US Geological Survey and that many South African fresh water resources (groundwater, rivers and dams) are becoming undrinkable it makes sense to start conserving water. Harvesting rainwater from your roof will give you a readily available reserve of fresh water while recycling greywater allows you to profit the most from the water you have already paid for.

It is only 0.009% of the worlds water supply that is surface water. This small percentage of available fresh water is what many municipalities send to your home.

1. Approximately 97% of the worlds water is found in the oceans and seas as salt water.

2. Only the remaining 3% is fresh water.

3. Of the world’s fresh water, 69% is locked up as ice in glaciers and icecaps.

4. 30% of the world’s fresh water exists underground as groundwater.

5. A small amount (less than 1% of earth’s water) is available as surface water in rivers, streams and lakes.

percentage fresh and salt water, glacial, ice caps, groundwater and rivers

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