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Cape Town tightens up on water. Expect water restrictions

It is only the start of summer but the city of Cape Town is already implementing water saving strategies. The rainfall over the past three months have been less than half the normal and the city will be bound to implementing more water saving initiatives including water restrictions on home gardening irrigation.

This report from News 24.

Cape Town – In a bid to save water, the City of Cape Town has introduced the plumbing equivalent of a wiring certificate for the sale of homes.

It said on Friday that the new rule, in the form of an amendment to an existing by-law, resulted from a suggestion by a member of the public.

The amendment laid down that before transfer of a property, a home seller had to submit a certificate from an accredited plumber.

This would state that water installation at the dwelling conformed to the national building regulations and the by-law, that there were no defects in the plumbing, that the water meter registered, and storm water was not being discharged into the sewer system.

The amendments were approved by council this week and would now be sent to the provincial government for promulgation.

The city said it lost about 79 billion litres of drinkable water a year in the distribution system.

“It was deemed necessary to add this clause to the by-law as there is currently very little the city can do to control water wastage on domestic properties that do not have account arrears,” it said

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