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Cape Town’s water demand strategy

Cape Town is tightening the belt around matters of water consumption as new guidelines are put in place that promote sustainability and water conservation. Below is a list of water saving principles that new developments should adhere to.

Source: City of Cape Town

1. Establishment of new developments (including private development submissions)

  • The design of new developments must enhance water conservation.
  • The availability of alternative water resources must be investigated, such as local dams, rivers, streams, springs, “grey water”, rainwater, treated effluent.)
  • The design of the irrigation reticulation must be planned in order to minimise water consumption and optimise water use. All automated irrigation systems must be fitted with moisture sensors.
  • Plant selection must be based on water-wise principles.
  • Whenever possible, sandy soil must be improved by adding clay (heavier soil) or use make use of other water retaining methods and by adding compost and stable manure.
  • Unplanted areas should be hardened with surfaces that would enhance the lay-out and not distract or compromise it.
  • Areas around shrubs and trees should be mulched to prevent evaporation. (All open soil should be mulched).
  • Limit the use of grassed surfaces and use species that are drought resistant.
  • Ensure that water meters have been installed to monitor consumption.
  • A maintenance/management plan/programme pertaining to sustaining plant life during water restrictions should be compiled in each instance.

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