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Collecting Rainwater

In the not to distant future, maybe as little as a year or two from now, it may become essential for home owners that want an reliable and uninterrupted water supply to start collecting and storing the rain that falls on their roofs. This is as large parts of the Western, Southern and Northern Cape are facing severe water shortages and insecurities, especially from water pollution and drought.

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Your private water tank

It is expected that even major cities such as Cape Town, will implement dramatic water tariff increases as a means to curb household water consumption. With these proposed tariff increases, the first of which are expected early in summer, homeowners will be looking for alternative sources to supplement their water supply and to save costs. The only way that homeowners will be ensured of a clean readily available water supply is by storing harvested rainwater and having the municipal water supply as back up.

What will happen when major cities run low on water?

The most effective solution is for cities to pass laws that oblige households to conserve water. This may be done by reusing greywater for garden irrigation, minimising toilet flushes and of course by collecting rain water.  However usually these laws are passed too late, and harsher methods need to be initiated.

This usually takes the form of water outages. Similar to power outages, water outages are times when the is no water pressure supplied to your home. During these times water will not run from your faucets should you open a tap. Any water you require will need to come from pre-filled containers or bottles. These usually run out quickly.

When the water pressure is back on for a few hours. Every house hold will fill any container within reach to be preparation for the next water-out. Typically by this stage water quality has deteriorated.

With a rainwater harvesting system you will be guaranteed of water, some from rain and some from a municipal source. Clean water will be stored in your water tank, located on your property, and pumped into you home. This will assure you of a uninterrupted water supply at all times.

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