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The price of water: The blame for waste

Compared to many other parts of the world, South Africa still enjoys cheap water. This low monetary value that has been attributed to this life giving resource has encouraged a wasteful attitude in the eyes of many.

It appalling that to the people in question it is still acceptable to irrigate gardens during the hottest hours of the day. This is a sight that I am confronted with regularly, especially at schools in around my community. Should this kind of behaviour not be outlawed? Would it not be comparable to showing the future generation how to roll a joint and this at a place of learning? Water might not be a drug but demonstrating this level of carelessness will bring similar results.

South Africa’s water concerns are just about to reach a critical level where many part of the country are already in the grips of drought. This is not just something that happens in Beaufort West or parts of the Southern Cape, but a real concern that will happen, even in parts of central Cape Town. Currently there are already water restriction in southern end of the peninsula. (Fish Hoek, Clovelly, Oceanview, etc.)

Many South Africans have never really experience a major water crisis in their lives. Water has always been relatively cheap, and the current infrastructure, though “treading water”, has managed to cope for many year. We are on the verge of a major water crisis believe it or not. Sadly there are those that believe that the current infrastructure can still supply the region with adequate amounts of water. They are WRONG! It is this wasteful attitude and the stubbornness of those that do not want to change that will bring the water crisis to our front door.

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