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Beaufort West – Water crisis!

Beaufort West Drought 2010

Wow! Would you ever have expected this. The dam supplying Beaufort West of fresh water absolutely dry.

Maybe you did, but maybe you didn’t. Either way, when might now be a good time to start conserving water. You may be thinking, Cape Town is a coastal city and we could start desalinating water. That is true, but is the city in any way set up to produce the vast quantities of fresh water that are required to supply its residents.

Believe it of not but over the past 10 years there have been scientists that have argued the validity of extracting groundwater, sighing that it was completely unsustainable. Their finding were not able to convince other that these aquifers do not get replenished at equal rates as they are sucked dry.

It is only a matter of time before boreholes and wellpoints start drying up and force homeowner to search for alternative sources of water. When this happens you may want to look into a greywater garden irrigation system.

7 comments to Beaufort West – Water crisis!

  • Priscilla

    Hi. I believe we can drop water off at Beaufort west on our way through. Can you give us a drop off location please?
    Many thanks


    Can people get together with tank trucks and go and collect where flooding occurs?

  • Yes. Water can be dropped off at any of the Petrol stations in Beaufort West. From here the water is distributed to were it is most needed.
    It is essential that water conservation becomes an integrit part of all our lives. Droughts like the one currently being experienced in Beaufort West are hopefully reminding us all the water is a very scare commodity, one that we can not live with out.

  • Hi Admin.
    How is the water crisis thus far? Iv’e heard we got rain there, but because of the drought, the ground absorbed it. It’s real sad hearing all the stories. Have we ever, in Beaufort West consider why this is really hapenning? Maybe I’m wrong for asking that question, but I can’t help but think of it.
    Thank you all who has help our town thus far and those who will still help, God bles you dearly!!!
    God will give on His time!!!

  • Eugene Grant

    It is really difficult to cope with this situation. I hope that the rain will come very soon to stop this big water crisis. I pray every day and look at the skies. maybe one day soon.

  • I’ve just spoken to my Daughter who has moved end May 2010 from Jhb to Beaufort West to be with her Father who is physically challenged & unemployed. She just told me that they are now forced to drink recycled sewerage water. I was in B/W in Dec & we bought 5 ltr distilled water for R10. This is a problem if you are unemployed, besides scarcity of finding a job & water you have to buy water? That is sad. She has been to Municipality, Bank’g Institutions looking for a JOB etc to no avail.

    Would like to know how can we help? Who should we contact to assist with the water scarity, because without water i.e people in general, the senior citizens & babies & children, business, crops, animals etc are suffering. I WOULD SUGGEST SEND OUT AN URGENT MSG TO THE MEDIA, RADIO (JHB), VIA SCHOOLS & SMS SERVICE. Ive spoken to a colleague & she was not aware of this.

  • Start harvesting Rainwater. Stop using fresh clean water to flush toilets and irrigating gardens. Clean fresh water is a scare commodity.
    Recycled sewage water can be properly cleaned / purified / filters to be used for drinking. It is a common practice in many parts of the world. It is said the the water in the Thames river passes through 7 people before it it washed out to sea. The technology to reuse sewage water is safe and will become common practice in South Africa.

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