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SACCI to combat acid mine drainage

A working group to fight acid mine drainage and other water issues has been set up by the SA Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI), Business Day Online reported on Tuesday.

“We have realised that acid mine drainage is very important, but it is not the only issue. Part of the other area is the lack of maintenance country wide,” SACCI advisor to the CEO, Peggy Drodskie, said.

“At the moment, the focus in acid mine drainage is up here in Witwatersrand,” she said.

Drodskie said the group would send proposals to government in due course on how water issues could be tackled. – Sapa

Lets not down play the urgency of the acid mine water. The acid mine water is a massive threat to South Africa’s financial hub. Might this be yet another case where highly important matters get place on the back burner to make way for urgent matters, urgent matter that could have been sorted out before?

These comments by Sapa may be a distraction highlighting other matter as the acid mine drainage may already be at a critical level. Unfortunately, no decisive plan has be set in motion to combat the rising mine water.

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