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Heavy rains cause water shortages

Residents and businesses in several towns in northern kwaZulu-Natal have been adversely affected by water shortages following last week’s heavy rains.

water shortageThe uThukela district mayor, Mqapheli Sithole, said pumps used to supply clean water to areas including Bergville, Langkloof, Bethani, the Ladysmith CBD and eZakheni township sections A to E were still under water and unable to function properly.

“Businesses and a lot of people we supply water to are affected. If our water purification plants are not purifying water everything comes to a standstill. The river was overflowing and the engine room was under water… We are unable to draw raw water from the uThukela River because the pipes are covered with sand,” he said.

Sithole said the water crisis in uThukela was beyond the municipality’s control and that even the water tankers that were sent to distribute water to the affected areas were limited.

For the full story: IOL

Rainwater harvesting has the potential to prevent water outages like these currently experienced in Northern KZN.  If residents harvested rainwater from their roofs and stored this water in storage tanks then all the water captured would not end up bursting river banks and flooding adjacent areas. The most common size water tank has a capacity of 5000 litre. (1.8 m diameter by 2.2m high) In heavy rains like those spoken of in the article it would be expected that such a tank should fill up. As the harvested rainwater never gets sent down the stormwater drain this lightens the volume that stormwater infrastructure and rivers need to cope with.

When harvesting rainwater with Water Rhapsody’s UPWS “uninterupted pressurised water supply” you can rest assured that you will have pressurised water inside your home at all times, in spite or inevitable water outages.

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