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Water conservation for climate change concerns

Today we have environmental concerns that were not present before. Issues like global warming, climate change and the rising concern on our planet’s water supply continue to be more apparent. But as South African we have been lucky in that we have been exposed to water scarcity for many years and this has taught us how to use water wisely.

Water conservation footprintAs many South Africans already employ the basic methods of water conservation we have avoided severe droughts, however with an ever expanding population it is essential for South Africans to stand together and take the next steps in preventing a complete water crisis.

These next steps include making a financial investment to our homes as the majority of us already practice water saving behaviours like closing taps while brushing teeth, washing hands, shaving and even while shampooing and conditioning. This attitude of using as little as possible is what will save us from future water outages and drought.

Your personal investment to secure a running water supply in either a greywater garden irrigation system or a home rainwater harvesting system, if not both will guarantee you a 24 – 7 emergency water supply.

The benefits of home water conservation goes far beyond enjoying a well maintained garden and the luxury of a relaxing shower that washes the dirt off, but plays a vital role in securing a health environment.  By investing in a home greywater and / or a rainwater harvesting system you could save as much as 90% on your municipal water bill.

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