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UK rainwater harvesting market growth report

The report “Rainwater Harvesting Market: Research & Analysis UK 2010-2014”

MTW00021 illustrates the rapid and sustained growth of the rainwater harvesting market in recent years, with market volume rising by almost 850% in the last 5 years. Whilst rates of growth have slowed in recent years as the market matures, double-digit growth is set to be a key feature of the market. By 2014, the report’s forecasts are that the market will rise by more than 100% over the next 5 years.

The methodology for this report included analysis of sales data from the industry coupled with primary research information from Government sources, manufacturers, contractors, and other trade sources. This was supported by secondary research from trade journals, company reports, Companies House, Government statistics, trade associations, company websites and existing knowledge in this sector.

The report “Rainwater Harvesting Market: Research & Analysis UK 2010-2014” is available from Report Buyer at: …

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Source: PR Log

In anticipation of the drought cycling that experts predict will be hitting Cape Town and the Western Cape throughout 2011 and 2012, major retailers are investigating harvesting rainwater from their expansive distribution center roofs in an effort to continue serving their communities throughout times of expected water outages. These efforts to “go green”, will see their rainwater purified and then used to wash and clean floors, machinery and food crates. This move will ensure a reliable water source and  bring with it a saving that can be passed onto their customers.

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