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Western Cape Rainfall pattern | January

This graph may still show that the Western Cape has received more rain than usual, how ever there is something essential that this graph is not showing up.

” In what way has the rain been falling?”

Western Cape Rainfall pattern January 2011 - Water shortageThe way in which rain falls significantly effects how the water is stored. Heavy rains are responsible for flooding as much of the water travels on the surface to rivers and dams while little soaks into the ground. Light splashing of rain are absorbed into groundwater sources (Borehole / wellpoints) with little water reaching our dams.

This summer season, much of the rain has fallen has been in heavy bursts, allowing our dams to recharge however this has given us a false sense of comfort as household are drawing from dams more to irrigate gardens. This has created a more noticeable water draw from municipal sources with higher water bills.

It is advised that household use alternative sources of water, including greywater to irrigate gardens and to conserve water where possible. It should be encouraged that all communities start practicing water saving behaviours.

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