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Challanges facing under ground water supplies.

So what does “same league as countries stored surface water resources” mean? Are we being told our ground water resources are in just as bad shape as our rivers and dams?

Are our dams reliable? I thought that in the Western Cape they fear water scarcity because of a lack of more / bigger dams.

I suppose this statement does not pertain to the acid mine drainage area?

THERE were still problems in optimally developing and managing ground water as part of South Africa’s total water resource, the Water Research Commission said yesterday .

While legislation provided a set of regulatory tools to manage ground water, the challenge was implementation, said hydrogeological resource analyst Fanus Fourie.

Fourie was among a panel of experts who spoke on the status of the national ground water strategy initiated in 2007.

He emphasised the need for water management institutions to be structured in such a way that ground water development and management could be optimally achieved.

“The most recent scientific estimates placed ground water in South Africa in the same league as the country’s stored surface water resources. The challenge is adequate institutional functioning and support,” he said.

He also pointed at the need to manage ground water as part of the total resource.

“Ground water is a safe, clean and reliable supply and thereof addresses the national priorities,” he said.

Source: Sowetan

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