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Cape Town water tariff 2011

Cape Town’s water and sanitation tariffs are to increase by 8.28%. The first 6 kilolitres remains free and charges there after are calculated in incrementally.
The incremental steps simply mean that the more water a household consumes the more expensive the unit becomes.
Domestic sanitation charges are calculated at 70% of water consumed, to a maximum or 35kL of sewage per month.

There is only a subtle difference in cost between fresh water consumed and sanitation tariffs up to 50 kilolitre of fresh water.

Cape town water tariff 2011

Cape Town water price 2011

How to read the graph:

  • The Red line indicates the price you will be paying for sanitation (sewage). This is automatically calculated at 70% of your fresh water consumption.
  • The Blue line shows the price of water in Kilo litres (Kl). This you can read off your water meter.
  • The Green line indicates the cost that you are actually paying for every litre of water that comes into your home. This is the sum of both you fresh water and your sewage charge. You literally pay twice for the water you use – once as it enters your property and again when it leaves.

Simply draw a line up from your current water use and the bring that point across to the left. Doing this will show you what you will be paying for water.

Just my reusing your greywater, minimising the volume of water used to fluch toilets and using harvested rainwater inside your homeyou could be saving as much as 90% of your water.

Increases will be effective as of 1 June 2011


1 comment to Cape Town water tariff 2011

  • Callie de Jager

    How are the costs calculated for an estate where the water is charged to the estate as a single amount? Are the ranges multiplied by the number of houses?

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