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Ficksburg mayor scoffs at town’s water shortage

“People say there is no water in this town. What is this?” giggled Ficksburg’s mayor, Mbothoma Maduna, reaching into his office fridge for bottles of Valpré mineral water.

Maduna’s words came minutes before six policemen appeared in the Ficksburg Magistrate’s Court, a stone’s throw from his office, in connection with the death of Andries Tatane, killed during a protest against the town’s crippling water shortages.

On Wednesday, Tatane was allegedly shot twice at close range with rubber bullets, and beaten with batons, by a group of police officers in an attack shown nationwide on SABC TV news.

He and residents of the nearby township of Maqheleng had marched to the Setsoto municipal offices to demand a reliable supply of water and an immediate halt to the daily sewage spills into roads and gardens in the township.

Source: Times live

Unfortunately it is becoming quite typical for certain municipalities to neglect their residence. For those that can’t even afford to pay for any water there might not be many options other than to demand better service delivery. For those who value a secure and reliable water supply there are solutions.

Should you be looking for means to save water or to secure a emergency water supply speak to your Water Rhapsody agent. Whether you are looking to reuse greywater and harvest rainwater, it is always better to be prepared rather than to wish with hind sight.

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