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Toilet water can be purified

Yuck! This is the response in most instances to the proposal to recycle water from sewage effluent.

wastewater purificationBut experts warn that there are already substances in our water supply that might draw similar reaction – and we drink it anyway.

Durban plans to become the first South African city to purify and recycle sewage into quality tap water. The plan involves producing about 12 percent of the city’s tap water supply from recycled sewage effluent – mainly in the northern suburbs and townships.

Dr Jo Barnes, a senior lecturer in epidemiology and community health in the faculty of health sciences at the University of Stellenbosch, said it was worth remembering that all water on Earth had been used before.

“The treatment cycle is just much longer for water harvested from nature, while the water directly harvested from households is still very polluted. The major difference is that household wastewater needs aggressive purification.”

The concern in many minds, she said, was that all engineering systems had the potential to fail at some point.

Source: IOL

Should Cape Town decide to increase its sustainability and persue the same option, which it most likely will, in the near future, then we will be assured of a further inflated water tarrif. As reported in the article, “household wastewater needs aggressive purification”, and this certainly implies a more comprehensive and expensive treatment process.

In the end households will be charges 4 or more time for the same drop of water they use. (1: Lightly treated freshwater from dams; 2: wastewater produces from fresh water; 3: aggressively treated purified wastewater, 4: wastewater produces from purified wastewater. etc…)

As one of the best managed municipalities, The City of Cape Town, according to it’s own report is unable to deal with all the sewage effluent it receives and hence spills excess untreated sewage into rivers. How can such a wastewater purification system guarauntee safe drinking water to you and I?

The trouble is that Cape Town needs to find a source to augment its fresh water supply and the purification of wastewater is the most cost effective, alternative bulk supply the City has access to.  Unless individuals start conserving water at home (greywater reuse, rainwater harvesting and other water saving technologies) then there are few other alternative. Desalintion is more costly than household wastewater purification.

The purification of household wastewater can however to done successfully albeit at a cost.

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