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Water shortage warning:

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The drought is giving us an unwelcome lesson in the state’s preparations for drought.

indianna water restrictions

Greywater recycling could reduce water use by 30%

It starts at “Normal,” with no need for reduced water use.

Phase Two is “Water Shortage Watch,” with a goal of 5 percent reduction in water consumption.

Phase Three – which is what we’re in now, statewide – is the “Water Shortage Warning,” seeking reductions of 10 to 15 percent in consumption.

The final stage would be a “Water Shortage Emergency.” In that case, officials would aim for a 15 percent or more reduction in consumption.

That would be a significant step to go from “warning” to “emergency.” And that’s why state experts encourage us to do what we can now.

The advice is stunningly simple:

For example, if you have a leaky faucet or toilet, fix it.

If you usually let the water run when you brush your teeth, turn off the water now.

Source: WishTV

Droughts like these may not be occurring in our neighbourhood yet but with the government and leading scientists predicting water scarcity in the years to come, it could be vital to know what to do should the current situation worsen with the onset of climate change.

Besides the advice given in the article above, recycling greywater for irrigation use could reduce the average household water use by 30%. That means that the 15% that they are calling for is easily attainable. But why wait till water shortages reach our shores when one can fix leaking faucets and toilets now and already start saving?

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