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Water conservation is now critical ~ Zimbabwe

There are growing fears that by 2025, half of the world’s population will not have sufficient water supplies to meet its needs.

Such a prediction should be especially scary for anyone that lives in Zimbabwe, a country that has for quite a while now been hard-hit by critical water woes. One can only imagine how most people in the country would cope if the water crisis was to get any worse than it already is.

According to City of Harare’s mid-year service delivery summer analysis of 2012 that recently appeared in The Zimbabwean, “Harare alone needs at least 1 300 mega litres of water daily but the current supply per day ranges from 600-700 mega litres, which is approximately half of the demand.”

In the capital city, areas such as Kambuzuma, Uplands, Mabvuku-Tafara, Hatfield, Hillside, Highlands, Dzivarasekwa, among others, have had to go for very long intervals without receiving any tap water, prompting people to turn to other sources for survival.

The country is currently battling with yet another typhoid outbreak, blamed mainly on the consumption of water from unsafe sources, mostly the shallow wells that many households have dug to alleviate them from the hardships faced as a result of the non-supply of tap water.

Also worrying would be the reports coming through from around the country that a number of the wells and boreholes dug have since dried up, indicating that the water table has gone down.

Source: The Standard

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