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Cape Town dam levels August 2012

It is a relief to see the Bergriver dam at full capacity, however I am still watching out to see if Theewaterskloof dam and Voelvlei dam fill. The three dams mentioned above are the largest that serve Cape Town and the surounding area, and of these six mentioned about constitute 86% of the capacity.

With Theewaterskloof and Voelvlei, both at approximately 70%, I hope there is still much rain that falls in the catchment areas.

The table below indicated dam levels of Cape Town 6 major dams as of August 6 2012.

Dam Last Week This Week Last Year
Berg River dam 98.1 98 84.3
Steenbras Dam-Lower 91.6 93.2 90.2
Steenbras Dam-Upper 100.3 100.3 90.2
Theewaterskloof Dam 71.6 72.7 78.4
Voelvlei Dam 66 67.2 79
Wemmershoek Dam 66.6 67.6 72.8


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