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Rainwater harvesting system must for all new buildings

Planning to construct a new house or office building in Delhi? You will now have to install a rainwater harvesting system to obtain a completion certificate from civic agencies. The Delhi cabinet has in principle approved a proposal to make the system mandatory for all new constructions. The government has asked the Delhi Jal Board to come up with guidelines on the issue.

Source: Hindistantimes

This seems to be quite a bold move on behalf of the policy makers in Delhi however this new law will provide home-owners with water security.

As a developing country the Indian government need to focus on the marginalised communities and improve their living conditions. Due to the governments limited resources it is highly unlikely that the government will be able to uplift marginalised communities while at the same time satisfying the whims of those not trapped by poverty.

The rainwater harvesting plan encourages those who can afford to build houses to take care of their own best interest. This might be seen as a drastic measure, but this new law will only affect a small percentage of the Indian population, the privileged sector. As a country where the overwhelming majority of the population still live in abject poverty, this kind of law may be a step towards creating solidarity amongst citizens of all classes in the years ahead.

South Africa may not be faces with the exact same issues that are experienced in India, but one that we do share in common is a  looming water crisis. Should South Africa institute similar laws, it may free up the government to focus on our marginalised communities across the country before the crisis dries the country up.


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