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Rainwater harvesting should be made mandatory for developers

India is the top-most groundwater abstracting country in the world, double that of China, says a recent UN report. With a fast-depleting water table, the Centre is trying hard to promote conservation through rainwater harvesting. But rainwater harvesting is yet to catch up across the country. Brotin Banerjee, CEO & MD, Tata Housing, tells Business Line in an e-mail interview that it is high time rainwater harvesting is made mandatory.

Are you in favour of rainwater harvesting being made mandatory for housing developers?

As demand for water is growing rapidly and most cities are facing a water crisis, rainwater harvesting should be made mandatory across the country. In fact, it should not only be made mandatory, there should also be stringent monitoring of adherence.

Rainwater harvesting has numerous benefits, as the technology is low-cost and it empowers individuals and communities to manage their water…. It also helps in improving the overall floral system, reduces the loss of top layer of the soil, and if water is captured directly, we need not depend much on storage dams.

Source: hindu business line

Over the past week many top business CEO have spoken out about conserving water. Brotin Banerjee, CEO and MD of Tata Housing is one of them. If these intellectuals and top business men and women are supporting and encouraging nations and the world to save water, then maybe they know something that those of us who do not practice water saving don’t.

The technology of rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling have been with us for years and only in recent times have world leaders and smart business men/women bought into the idea.

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